The creation of exceptional furniture is a rare skill, a science and an art. The furniture that emerges at the hands of a truly talented cabinetmaker will possess a quality that transcends function, becoming something extraordinary in itself. There are only a few gifted artisans who can create bespoke furniture that not only fulfils its purpose but also enhances its owner's quality of life. Such furniture is to be found at 1718.

1718 are dedicated to every last detail, to the most inspired choice of materials and to the techniques that will most brilliantly produce a result that will delight the client. Working on commissions large and small, private and commercial, academic and eccentric; with the experience and expertise to create furniture that makes your world a better place.

See below for some recent projects:


Trump Hotel, Turnberry

Living Room



Wine Cellar

Paisley Dining Room

Atkinson Gallery

Dunlop House