Forming first impressions through handles and switches

Besides supplying bespoke lights and furniture, one of the areas I focus in is furnishing spaces with the details of the room, specifically what I call the tactile details. These are the small pieces in the room that are frequently touched such as the door and cabinet handles and light switches.

They are often a forgotten element in the space or even an after thought but great designers understand their importance and will incorporate them into their overall design from the very beginning.

Just as when we meet someone for the first time, we form an impression of them within the first few seconds which is why for any serious meeting where impressions count its essential that one presents themselves in the most presentable way possible. The room is no different, and the first two interactions a person will usually have with the room is to first open the door and second turn on the lights – both provide an opportunity for the first impression to be formed and its why ensuring these elements are of the highest quality and befitting the design is an essential part of the process.

Steve Roberts, founder of Turnstyle Designs, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury door and furniture hardware describes the importance of the door handle in shaping our impressions of the room.

“Your very first impression when you walk into a room is putting your hand on the door handle so even before you’ve come in, it sets the tone and if you put a cheap handle on that is not well-fitted and doesn’t have that confidence that a good handle should have, it already subliminally tells you that maybe the room hasn’t received the level of detail and expense and consideration as it should have”

All the time, consideration and money spent on beautiful soft furnishings, doors, cabinets, and flooring can all be undone by a cheap, flimsy handle or an ugly plastic light switch.