Ordering a Bespoke Feature Light

In all types of projects whether hospitality, residential or commercial and especially where there is a large ceiling void, a bespoke lighting feature is often commissioned to both illuminate the space and to complete the design. Lighting expert and director of Inspired By Design lighting, Simon Schuck explained to me all the factors that must be considered when ordering a bespoke feature light.

Assuming the design of the feature light is decided, the following factors, Simon explained, should be addressed in order to ensure the project is a success:


The first requirement for the design is knowing floor to ceiling height and the overall dimensions you require the fitting to be to best suit the area. Length and width are critical as you’ll need to decide how much of the void you wish to fill. Do you want a long and slim fitting or a more expansive fitting?


Since the fitting is such an important feature for the space, although it may be a dramatic statement piece, it also needs to synthesise with the overall design of the scheme.

Generally, if working with metal structures it is important to either match or complement the finishes used in the design, therefore we would request a control sample finish or RAL colour that we can work with. The same applies to shade material finishes or even coloured crystal if used in the design.


With the design, materials and dimensions in place, it’s important to consider how much the light will weigh.

Can the ceiling hold the weight of the fitting? We will provide an accurate weight at quotation stage to ensure at first fix stage that the ceiling is suitable reinforced.

Alternatively, in a public space you may want to consider a winch. The advantages of a winch are that ff fitted at the first fix stage it enables installation to be quicker and more efficient and also if you wish to change light bulbs or clean the fitting in the future, winches will make it much easier and less time consuming with lower down time for that area.

Level of Visual Impact

For many larger fittings especially in lobbies, the fitting will be visible from multiple levels, it’s important to ensure that it remains aesthetically pleasing from all visible angles to ensure that if viewed from a higher point that they are not just seeing wiring or fixing chain and also to ensure that the lights are not shining directly in peoples faces at any point.

Design Concept

Armed with this information and an approval of quotation we can then work to issue drawings showing our interpretation of your design concept. This stage tends to take the longest time as there is usually a lot of back and forth involved to get the final concept ready for sign off.

Production & Delivery

Once everything is approved and signed-off, we can start production on the piece according to the agreed timeline and providing regular updates to keep you in the loop.

Included in the quotation, we would generally account for transport dependant on the location and mode of delivery and also if any special installation is required. If necessary, relevant certification can be provided during the production stage.

Finally, the piece is securely installed and the vision is made a reality to be admired for years to come.