The Bespoke Process

In conversation with Master cabinet-maker and director of 1718 Michael Mancini, he shared with me the process of acquiring bespoke furniture, whether it’s a desk for your home study, a dining table, bed, cabinetry or some other piece to either match or be the centrepiece of the design.

The first step is the initial consultation, always better done in person and ideally on site. This is an opportunity for the furniture designer to really understand the requirements of the client. What piece do they need, how will it be used, what style, what does it need to match with, what are other finishes and colours in the space, what size should it be and so on. At this stage its helpful to share images of similar pieces or of the same style for the furniture-maker to really understand the requirements.

After this consultation, Michael explains how he gets to work on creating a design that is then converted into a 3D render which is then presented and explained to the client on the second meeting. This is the opportunity to talk through the design, to show samples of the proposed materials and to receive any feedback and requested changes if required.

Once any amendments have been made, then the piece is signed off, the initial deposit is placed and production can begin according to an approved timeline with master craftsmen completing the work according to the design.

When the piece has been finished, it is carefully packed and delivered to the site. Michael explains that he often likes to be there for delivery especially if anything requires installation and just to ensure that everything is set up correctly. This also often gives Michael the chance to see the reaction of the client as they see the beautiful piece designed specifically for them for the first time and in their own home.